About Us


Vast informatics Solutions was established in 2016 with the goal to deliver strategic IT solutions and service standards that achieve a higher level of security, productivity, efficiency, and reliability. Mixing advanced technology, a variety of talents, proven global delivery standards, and robust infrastructure allows VASTINFOR to provide a wide range of ICT solutions and services seamlessly and cost-effectively to our clients. The head office of vast informatics solutions is in Nairobi, Kenya.

What makes us stand out?

VASTINFOR, is dedicated to helping organizations successfully design and deploy complex IT solutions with ease and perfection.  When it comes to striving successfully in a highly competitive world, businesses have to continually strive hard to leave no stones unturned to choose and adopt the best IT services that help reduce costs, boost productivity, and augment performance.  VASTINFOR is keen on implemeneting,managing,designing, developing, and optimizing seamless IT-enabled business solutions and that are ideal for today’s demanding business environment that needs flexible, quick, and effective IT strategies and solutions.

If technology creates more roadblocks that solutions for business management and success, VASTINFOR is your one stop destination to look for IT management and data security services that help adapt to the constantly changing global market. As new technologies continue to transform the enterprise landscape, VASTINFOR helps transform fundamental businesses process and help comply with the growth and changes, by infusing innovative digital technologies that help drive and efficiency and effectiveness. VASTINFOR IT support includes a broad range of enterprise IT services for both private and public sector organizations.